Architectural precast concrete - General

Fascinating material

Architectural precast concrete is a fascinating material that links the practical with the desirable. Its aesthetic and architectural individuality, combined with its structural and technical benefits, appeal to both architect and client. Concrete is durable, strong and resistant to impact. Moreover, it has good thermal properties, excellent acoustic insulation and is extremely fire-resistant.

Flexibility of form

Concrete is still in fluid form in the production stage, something that offers endless possibilities to the designer. The flexible material moulds itself to each and every idea. Decomo harnesses these ideas and produces every element in a bespoke manner.

Aesthetic options

Architectural precast concrete can be produced with a variety of finishes, including acid etched, retarded/washed, sandblasted and polished. The virtually unlimited choice of aggregates and/or pigments guarantees the aesthetic versatility of the concrete; however, inlaying materials such as brick slips, natural stone, ceramic tiles, etc. can also add that final touch to a building.


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