Decomo UK

Decomo first entered the UK market in 1998 and, having successfully completed several Projects and created a firm 'foothold', formed Decomo UK Ltd in 1999.

Over the following years as the Company's reputation continued to grow and, as a consequence workload increased, a new Head Office was established, in London, in 2004 from which all of its UK Projects are now managed by a vastly experienced team. The same year, Decomo UK Ltd became a member of the British 'Architectural Cladding Association'.


Decomo UK Ltd is able to undertake orders for Design, Manufacture and Installation works, or indeed any combination of these disciplines providing that Manufacture is included.  The Company is also always willing and able to discuss, review and offer advice to Architects, Engineers and Developers in relation to potential future Projects at concept stage. This approach can facilitate early involvement in Design, Feasibility, Budget and Practicality considerations and, ultimately, often allows for the most cost effective solutions to be adopted.


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