Decomo is continually making considerable efforts to reduce the impact of its operations on the local area and the environment.

Up to 400,00 litres of water can be stored in the production hall where the batching plant is situated. All the wastewater from the production process is transferred to an Ecofrog machine which separates any particles larger than 2mm. The water then passes through a filter press and the resulting sludge is collected and disposed of by a specialised firm.

The purified water is collected in two 18m³ concrete basins, ready for reuse. The total amount of water needs to be controlled to account for rainwater. In order to comply with legal obligations, the water is disposed of via a 9m³ concrete basin after being CO2 neutralised.

The polishing and finishing halls are also fitted with a purifying station and filter press. Washing and acid etching in these halls takes place on an impermeable base that allows wastewater to be recycled. 300,000 litres of rainwater can also be collected and purified here so the need to use tap water is significantly reduced.

Other waste materials are separated throughout the production process ready for collection by specialist recycling companies including iron, stainless steel, concrete residue, wood, paper, polystyrene, packaging and chemical residues.

Decomo’s environmental policy is supported by a certified environment management system (ISO14001:2015).




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