1. Design

Our in-house design office handles production design using a 3D design programme. The engineers and designers are very familiar with the various building methods of the countries where Decomo is active.

2. Moulding

As the mould is of vital importance in the production of units in architectural precast concrete, Decomo has its own mould shop. The mould must be very precise, sturdy, watertight and not prone to deformation. The mould is composed of wood, steel, synthetic rubber or polyester, depending on the complexity and the number of identical pieces to be cast

3. Reinforcement

When designing the reinforcement of the elements, Decomo will take into account each phase of production and handling, with special attention on the demoulding process. 

Our in-house reinforcement department assembles the reinforcement, using mainly reinforcement mesh. The reinforcement is then secured in the mould prior to casting.


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